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"An unimaginably perverse, queer visionary. Sheer poison to corporate queens, a creative engineer par excellence, Thierry Alexandre is sweet subversion personified, the mind-twisting psychedelic inside an innocuous sugar-cube. One lick, and suburban proprieties are fucked en masse !"

Sasha Selavie for QX Magazine


"With startling humour, abundant creativity and fearless theatricality, Thierry Alexandre pushes the artistic boundaries of raw physical expression. Provoking, surprising and thrilling”


Beige Magazine




“Tilda Swinton’s looks and grace, combined with Terry Gilliam’s sense of the comic absurd. Alexandre’s performance, is part Butoh, part living art and (…) seems to channel the dark poeticism of the late Lou Reed.


Triumphant in its vulnerability”







“The stage presence (and possibly dry cleaning) of Grace Jones. Everything is indefinable and transmutable, there’s not a clear distinction point between costume and body, inside and outside, art and dance. Seeing this show is simply a joy and a privilege.


Wonderful, rich and charming piece.”





"Wholly committed to the communication of idea through design, performance or simple appearance, Thierry Alexandre is one of those rare spirits who combine an understanding of the esoteric with the tangible. His sense of originality, adventure and genuine engagement in his art, his costumed performances  - visions of fantasy are all extensions of his vibrant imagination and he brings a similar spirit of daring to his statement jewellery and wearable art pieces.
But it is above all, Mr Alexandre’s sense of style, which is responsible for being the conduit for so many diverse ideas and representations. He represents in a bland world, triumph over banality."

Lecturer, Critic, Curator and Author





"Spring itself!"



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